Ok. So I’m going to rant for a second, something I never do. But this really bothered me. The show A.N.T Farm’s episode “Madame Goo Goo” is a pretty obvious mockery of Lady Gaga. Me and my little sister were watching this over dinner, and I couldn’t help but notice the blatant attacks on Gaga’s intelligence, lyrical creation, Outfits and how serious she takes her profession. I’m not coming from this as a fan of hers (which I am) but as someone who has noticed an increased amount shaming of public figures. And now, we are teaching it to our children. We are showing them that it’s ok to bully (especially someone who they don’t know personally). We are showing them that its ok to attack their character. That its ok to make fun of someone for standing out, or wearing whatever they fricken please. These public icons are people to. They not only get bullied, but they get bullied on a nation wide.. No.. World wide scale. God bless Gaga has handled her self this far. Would you be able to?

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